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Personal sovereignty is something that may be a new concept to many.  On the journey of personal ascension, it is of utmost importance for the divine guidance within to be the predominent influencer of the choices you make and the energy that you radiate.  This activations in the Sovereignty Series will assist you on this journey. 

Easy Receptivity of and Trust In Your Divine Guidance with Archangel Gabriel

    • You will probably be most comfortable lying down during the session so please find a relaxing spot to tune into the healing energies that you will be receiving. It is ok if you fall asleep during the session.
    • After the audio begins, simply tune into the meditative space and allow your divine guides, the Archangels & Ascended Masters to do the work.
    • If you feel inspired, before the session you may ground your energy and then extend a bubble of white or gold light from your heart until it is about 9 feet in diameter around you. Allow this to be an easy process and know that you do not have to exert any effort to try to maintain this image during the session. If at any time you realize that you have stopped visualizing the bubble, just relax and know that all is happening in divine order.
    • If you do not feel anything during the session, know that the energy healing is still taking place.
    • After the session has ended, feel free to take it easy for the remainder of the evening to allow your body time to integrate and/or release these energies at its own pace. Over the next few days, please drink lots of water and ground your energy at least once a day.


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