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What People Are Saying

As soon as I met Chernise I knew I'd made a good choice for a healing session. She has a joyful, vibrant energy and clearly loves sharing her gifts to help others.
I came away not only with a deep relaxation from the session, but also some great wisdom Chernise offered that was exactly what I needed to hear. The following day I experienced a shift in awareness that enabled me to make a huge leap forward in handling an issue that had been standing in my way for a long time. That was a bonus I was not expecting, and which I attribute to the energy clearing Chernise and the Archangels manifested for me.

Even if you have no idea what an Archangel Healing Session might be like or what it can do for you, I recommend you give it a try! 

-Nurit S., New York

I had a wonderful Archangel healing session with Chernise. I was touched by her deep listening skills, compassion, and desire to be of service. The healing energy was wonderfully relaxing and the angelic messages she relayed to me felt very right and true.  She is also a Spiritual Counselor and readily and gently offered suggestions for me on my way to move forward in my life. I highly recommend her loving and intuitive gifts.


 -Amber N., New York

Because of Chernise's listening and care with me, I am able to better get at what is really important to me without worrying about judgement. I have learned tools to use on my own which have gotten me into a much more active and powerful place in my life, and she gives me my sessions recorded on CD if I ever want to review! Priceless!  Chernise is great, and I am thankful for her contributions to me.

-Sandra D., New York

Chernise gave me a healing treatment and also gave me a lot of tools for moving forward with my project on a spiritual level. I so greatly appreciate the love and light that she is. It was a wonderful experience!

-Daylle D. S., New York,


I want to give a ThankQ for the wonderful healing session I had with Chernise Spruell recently.

Before the session, I was tired and worn out. I was running on little sleep from several days of working too late at night, and I felt a little frazzled. After our session, I felt completely renewed and refreshed - as if I had slept for a few hours. I was completely calm and relaxed, and felt much happier and peaceful. She also gave me some tools to use to help me sleep better and retain the sense of calm that I experienced in the session. 

I'm grateful that I found Chernise and I highly recommend her Archangel healing session."

-Christy G., New York



You certainly showed up at the perfect time in my life.
Your gifts of warmth, love and knowledge are awesome. Don't stop...for so many of us need what you offer.

-Alice M., New York

Chernise is a very special being in that she is gentle and open. I felt safe during my sessions with her and the guidance I received was perfect for me to hear. I use a lot of the advice Chernise gave me on a daily basis because I find it helpful and it serves me well. I am grateful to have Chernise in my life - to me she is truly an angel in human form.

-Sonja F., New York


I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Chernise Spruell's Archangel Channeling Session. Chernise has a warm and inviting energy that instantly made me feel comfortable and right away, I felt at ease asking questions of the Archangel that she was channeling. The answers that were given were not only 
helpful, but truly resonated with me on a deeper level. I left the session feeling inspired and uplifted!"


- Amalia M., New York

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DISCLAIMER – Chernise Spruell is not a licensed medical practitioner, does not provide medical treatment, and does not seek to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Chernise Spruell advises that people seek professional medical treatment for all diseases and conditions, and follow the protocols of licensed medical practitioners. Healing services, energy healing, classes, workshops and products of Chernise Spruell are not a replacement for medical treatment. 

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