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Your Inner Light: Exercise 9.1

This exercise is for people who feel they can’t trust their inner guidance but would like to.

First, see yourself outside on a hill on a sunny day. You look around and see a mountain off in the distance and begin walking down the side of the hill. You can feel the beautiful sun on your shoulders and it truly looks as if everything is taking on a golden hue. Then you feel that there is something behind you so you turn around and you see the most miraculous light you’ve ever seen . Within the energy of this light, within the presence of this light being you feel warm, secure and even safe. The funny thing is that this is not an everyday occurrence so for all practical purposes you should feel very scared, but instead you feel your heart soften in this beautiful presence. Then, although you don’t see any features on this being you heart it say, “You are so loved and you are always guided. Whenever you feel that life is leading you in uncertain directions remember that you as the observer and as the experiencer always have a choice. You get to choose which options you are going to take at all times. And as you have these options, there are also lovely beings of light that want to help you make choices that are for your highest good. What is for your highest good can also be for the highest good of all so it is really in the best interest of all involved that you are on the path of your greatest joy and soul purpose.” Almost crying from this beautiful information you ask, “But how will I know? I‘ve tried to do this before and I end up feeling empty. I look around for some sort of sign and don’t always see any.” Your beautiful being asks, “Well, have you looked inside? You, human, are one of the most complex organisms on this plane and as a part of the coding in your being there are certain things that have been preprogrammed. For example, if you see something that inspires you to laugh the accompanying feeling will be joy. You do not have to try to create that feeling – it is automatic. You will know that you are on the right path by your feelings, however subtle they may be.”

You say, “Well, that’s well and good but what about when I can’t feel these things or what if I can’t tell what I’m feeling? “Your being says, “Dear one, you must train yourself to know. Deep within your heart, within your gut, if you take out all the influencing factors like: will someone else be pleased or displeased by my situation; or How does this fit into my idea of what others tell l me is right, once you just come down to you and your feelings about the situation, you will know. And also you will do well to be honest to yourself.” You say thank you to this beautiful being for this guidance and suddenly this being approaches you and puts one hand on your forehead and one on your heart. You feel this divine electricity pass through your body and you suddenly feel open. Your being says to you, “This will help make it easier to tell what you are feeling in any given moment. If you are ever unsure, just ask for me, Archangel Uriel, and I will help you to know. But remember to ask knowing that I will certainly help you.” With that, you thank your lovely being and instead of disappearing, the lovely Uriel simply blends his energy with yours and merges with you completely so that you know that you are always together.”

And yes, Dear Ones, as you do this visualization you will find it easier to tell what your true feelings are in any given moment as well. We love you greatly, Your beloved Archangel Uriel

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