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Loving Your Self: Exercise 8.7

Today’s post will be helpful for people that feel they cannot find their way forward because of fear of the unknown. See yourself sitting inside of a large egg shaped room that seems very cozy and comfortable and is full of pillows. Look around the room and see that you are entirely enclosed and safe and of course have enough food and beverages but there is nothing that entices you forward. So you sit in your room and you wonder about your life and why you’re here. You find it all rather suffocating even though you have everything you need. One day you notice a ladder that you had never seen before so you look at the ladder and you really contemplate it. You know what it is and that it is a means for exiting this place. Even though it feels safe and comfortable here you think about it again. You give thanks for the fact that you have always been provided for then you decide to climb the ladder. You don’t know where it will lead but you know where you are and you know that the place where you currently are doesn’t seem to do anything for you in the way of igniting your passion to live. You feel that it is what you’re missing so you climb the ladder and when you reach the top there is a little window. You open the window and look out. You see the sky and are completely blown away. It is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. In fact you had no idea where this egg was situated because you had been inside for so long and now you are so grateful that you decided to leave. You look out around the surface of the egg shaped room and you see that there are stairs that lead out of the window and down to the nearby earth. You decide to walk down the stairs all the while feeling a bit concerned about what is lying ahead but your curiosity and trust are greater than your desire to be safe. Then you wonder, “Is being safe really living, anyway?” You also wonder, “Could I possibly still be safe while I am discovering my life?” As you ask that, a beautiful gold, green and white light descends before you. As it nears earth it begins to take the form of a lovely Angel and she answers, “Why you have only been out of your safety area for a few minutes and you have learned the first, most important lesson which is asking for what you want. The answer is yes – you can still be safe while you continue on your path of discovering life and I will help to protect you. Even if you don’t see me I will always be with you to make sure that you are protected and guided because when you are happy, all of life benefits.” So you thank your lovely Angel and you proceed along your path. You continue walking forward and then you meet other people. You feel so amazed at seeing them that you say, “Wow. Hello! You’re another being! I haven’t seen a real being in so long.” The people look at you like you’re a bit odd but in their hearts they can sense your light and joy so they begin to have a conversation with you and then they invite you to dinner. As you’re having dinner you think to yourself, “That’s right! I hadn’t even thought about how I was going to eat.” So you ask your lovely Angel to make sure that you’re always provided with lovely, nourishing food and she tells you again that she is grateful that you asked and that she will help you experience that which you’ve asked for. You thank your new friends for the dinner and then go on your way. As you’re walking, you encounter some other people who are quite friendly and you tell them that you are new here. They say they would love to show you around and you have a wonderful time with them. As you’re walking around seeing the beauties of the area you ask your guides to see to it that you are always shown the loveliest parts of town and that you are always met with such nice people. Again your angel says that because you asked, this will be so. You decide to take a walk after you’ve had a lovely evening and dinner with them. You notice that you’re a bit tired of walking when you happen to come across someone who has a bicycle that isn’t working right. You decide to try your hand at fixing it and find that you’re able to. The person is so grateful that you fixed their bike that they offer you an older bike they intended to get rid of even though it works just fine. You thank them and then you’re peddling through life. You thank your Angel and ask that you always have an experience of ease as you are moving forward on your path. You continue along your journey in this way this way - whenever a need arises you ask your Angel or the Universe to provide for you - and before you know it you’re living a wonderfully exciting and satisfying life. You don’t know what is coming up next but you know that you’re provided for and you know that if you need anything along the way that you can ask for it and you will have it in the loveliest most joyful of ways. You thank your Angel and you thank life and you even than the egg. For without it you would not have known the joys of being outside of it or the joys of discovering your life. We love you dearly. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Haniel

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