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Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.9

See yourself standing outside on a clear day. You feel good and you notice that the air feels crisp and light. You begin to look up at the sky and you notice that clouds are moving quite swiftly even though there seems to be no wind and things feel calm. Then you notice that the clouds are taking on the shape of an angel wing and you feel at peace. You continue to contemplate the clouds and the angelic energy that seems to be present and suddenly you feel very expansive and light.

You notice that you feel that you ARE the angelic clouds that you have just seen in the sky. You feel that your cares are none and all of your thoughts and feelings are of joy and light. You feel that you are everywhere at once and your only obligation is to BE and that BE-ing feels divine. You are in this state for a while and you notice that it continues, even as the speed of the clouds increases or decreases, if it rains or does not rain, if there is a storm or no storm, if it is night or if it is day. You simply feel comfortable and at peace with any changes because there is nowhere that change is occurring that you are not. Nothing is happening outside of you. You are all-of-this and whatever all-of-this does, YOU know that you will still remain expansive, light and free. Then suddenly you feel as if the sky is on fire with a transmutive energy. The Great Solar Sun is shining on you and now completely cleanses anything that is not light from your field, leaving you feeling even lighter and clearer. As this light is slowly and completely transmuting every part of your being, you realize that you are even a part of this lovely Sun.

After you feel that you have been completely en-“lightened” and have released all that does not serve you, you begin to feel yourself take weight. It is an unusual feeling because as parts of you are condensing and you are floating downward and slowly beginning to take the shape of a human form, you notice that you feel as if the slate has been wiped clean. You find that you no longer hold grudges against yourself for any reason. It is as if you have forgiven yourself for all things and that there is nothing in your energy field that can convince you that you should ever feel guilty or undeserving or unworthy. Also, you notice that you feel as if your ability to create is heightened. Not because your skills have been enhanced - you are always a Divine Creator – but because you know that you are all things and you are acutely aware that the Universe is powerfully co-creating with you so you have an increased desire to get clear about what you would like for yourself and to hold those images steady in your mind’s eye. By the time you realize this, you have come back to your original form, standing in the beautiful field on the clear day. Except this time, you feel truly reborn.

Happy New Year to you all from all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

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