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Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.10

Today’s meditation will be very helpful for people that intend to move forward but are still finding things about themselves that they would like to release. See yourself standing on a beach and as you do imagine that all the grains of sand on the beach make up all the experiences of who you truly are, your Divine self. There are grains of sand that you see sparkling and there are grains of sand that you don’t see sparkling. Then, find a shell that feels right to you and designate this shell to represent who you are on this earth in your human form now. Then exercise your divine right to choose how you would like to experience yourself in this lifetime by observing all the grains of sand. You move around, taking your time to pick only the grains of sand that sparkle, leaving the rest behind knowing that you are able to do this with joy. You are not unhappy with the other grains of sand; you simply do not choose to integrate them into the shell which houses the sparkling grains of sand that you chose to place there. When you are done you look down and realize that there is so much sand around you that you can truly be or have any of the grains that you desire while you are having this human experience but you are happy with the ones that you have chosen. You thank the rest for their guidance in this lifetime and for all of the lessons that you have learned because they were in your world but you decide that you no longer desire to learn your lessons that way. You choose to learn your lessons from the Divine. You choose to be aware of the messages and lessons that come through your clear connection with source rather than from having experiences that don’t please you or from having thoughts that create situations or physical experiences that tend to hold you back rather than move you forward. You look at this glorious shell full of sand and as you do, a radiant beam of sunlight shines lovingly down on it. After a few moments you notice that the shell is empty and that it is you that is sparkling because all of the grains of sand have been incorporated into your own divine, physical form. We love you greatly.

Love all of us in the Angelic realm, AA Gabriel

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