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Divine Love: Exercize 6.8

Yes Dear Ones, This will be a good exercise for anyone wishing to develop a stronger and clearer connection with the Divine that already exists within them. First, stand in front of a mirror and imagine that you are surrounded by a large ball of light that is expanding. Look upward and see that this large ball of light is in fact expanding to include your Divine Soul Being, your personal connection to the Divine that resides several feet above you. Then see a beautiful silver cord of light extending down from the heart of your Divine Being that easily and lovingly glides down through the top of your head and anchors itself into your heart. Imagine that this light, as soon as it connects to your heart, spreads into every cell of DNA in your body. Immediately, you are one with this beautiful light that appears to be concentrated in your heart even though it in fact expands throughout your entire body. Look back up at your Divine Soul Being and see that the circle of light that surrounds you both is now becoming a tube of light that continues into the heavens and extends to three feet on either side of you. Then say to yourself in the mirror, “I Am willing to know myself as the Divine Being that I AM and I AM willing to act, think, feel and move in accordance with the Higher Divine Will which is my truest nature. At the same time, I Am aware that acting in accordance with this Divine Will is so freeing, so fulfilling and so joyous that I desire to experience this as my Truth and to always act from this space. So say I. So be it.” Then, once you have said this while looking at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and see a golden orb of light float down the Silver Cord of your Soul Being into your heart followed by a blue orb of light, a pink orb of light, a green orb of light and then another blue orb. As this happens, you feel yourself growing stronger and lighter. Also after these orbs of light have come into your body, they settle in your heart and continue to expand until all of these lights are of equal size and extend to three feet around either side of your body. While you look at yourself in the mirror, you begin to feel that this is who you really are – that these beautiful lights are your true divine nature. And as you are experiencing yourself as this combination of radiant lights, know that your desire to embody the beautiful vibration of these orbs will bring you closer to experiencing yourself as your true Divine Nature. Take a breath and give thanks to all of these lights. As you move from the mirror and go forward in your life these lights and your Soul Being are real and are always connected with you. For once you have consciously enhanced this connection, it is so and will only harmoniously and joyously expand in your life as you move forward. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Your Beloved Archangel Raphael

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