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Private 1:1 Sessions
Angel Statue

Archangel Channeling Session


In these 60-minute sessions you communicate directly with the Archangel or Ascended Master that I will be channeling.  I allow them to use my voice to share their divine guidance with you and you can ask them questions about anything in your life.  They will also flood you with transmutive, divine energy to help raise the vibration of your energy field. These sessions are held by phone and recorded.

Angel Statue

Angelic Energy Attunement Session


In these 90-minute healing sessions I work directly with Archangel Raphael, the healing Angels and your highest spirit guides to channel their healing energy to you.  I direct this energy as I am guided (using a hands-off approach) to help you reach a state of relaxation.  This is done by energetically removing “stuck” energy which helps your body achieve its natural state of harmony and produce a greater sense of flow and health.  A portion of these sessions are held by phone.

Angel Statue

Divine Guidance Sesson


During these 60-minute sessions, I work with Archangels and your highest spirit guides to help you learn from life's lessons faster, feel more at peace with yourself and create a life you love. I will also give you tools to help you develop and flex your own intuitive muscles so that your sense of trust in your spiritual guidance becomes clear and reliable.  These sessions are held by phone and recorded. 

"I had a wonderful Archangel Energy Attunement session with Chernise. I was touched by her deep listening skills, compassion, and desire to be of service. The healing energy was wonderfully relaxing and the angelic messages she relayed to me felt very right and true.  I highly recommend her loving and intuitive gifts."

                              - Amber Nevins

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