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Happy Employees = Succesful business


It is simply a fact that busineses that put their focus on their employee's hapiness are more successful.  By successfull we mean that the emploess are more satisfied at their job, feel more seen and heard and valued, and are therefore more committed to their work.

Relaxed Employees = Happier Employees

We usually imagine Archangels as winged men or women when in fact they are pure consciousness appering in the likeness of a human (if that is how they appear to you - more often than not, you will just "feel" them as a loving presence) or any form they choose to take.

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Meditations & Soundbaths = Relaxation

Angelic Rewilding is woman owned, black owned 

There are many more than 12 Archangels working with humankind at present but these are the ones that are the most well known.  You can reach out to them for assistance with any area of your life.  

The 12 Archangels and What They are Associated With:


Ariel                   Environmental Causes, Prosperity, Feelings of Confidence

Azrael                Grieving, Supporting Healers, Compassion

Chamuel           Career, Personal Peace, Being Centered

Gabriel              Writing Books, Feeling Safe, Inner Child

Haniel                Nurturing, Discovering Hidden Talents, Natural Cycles

Jophiel              Space Clearing, Seeing Beauty Everywhere, Slowing Down

Metatron           Sacred Geometry, Organizing Priorities, Chakra Clearing

Michael             Protection, Divinely Aligned Power, Unwavering Faith 

Raphael            Healing, Heart Chakra, Safe Travels

Raziel                Reclaiming Your Power, Spiritual Understanding, Clairvoyance

Sandalphon      Living with Integrity, Music, Answering Prayers

Uriel                  Claircognizance, Divine Inspiration, Positive Thoughts

Scroll Through the Slides Below for a Message

from Each Archangel

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